Singapore catalogue printing


Catalogue printing in Singapore is ideal for informing consumers and clients about upcoming goods and services. Clothing stores can use catalogues to display seasonal ranges, chain restaurants can use catalogues to show menu items and sales for a specific month, and websites can use catalogues to show consumers what goods and services they have to sell. Catalogues can be used for a variety of purposes, making them a versatile marketing tool. Discounts and savings can be shown in catalogues to entice consumers to do business with you.


Bulk catalogues are ideal for businesses with a large number of subscribers who prefer to receive physical mail. While this is more common in brick and mortar stores, many online companies do use paper catalogues.


Marketing a company isn't easy, but if you're on a tight budget, catalogues can certainly be considered! Customer satisfaction is one of the most important things you can do for your business, so catalogues can certainly give you a run for your money if you can afford it.


No matter how small the order, Singapore catalogue printing ensures high quality in all of our items. You can depend on us to print your catalogue in full colour with expert stitching and binding.


What is the maximum number of pages my catalogue can have?


Your catalogue may have any number of entries, ranging from eight to sixty-four. Catalogs are written in four-page increments, so you can have eight pages, twelve pages, sixteen pages, twenty pages, and so on until you reach 64 pages. It's fine if you have an odd number of pages! You can have blank pages if you want to get to the next multiple of four.


Is there a disparity between the printing of short-run catalogues and bulk catalogues?


Yes, digital printing is used to print short-run catalogues. The digital printing process ensures high quality while still allowing for fast printing. Singapore catalogue printing uses offset printing for higher volume printing, such as bulk catalogues.


As compared to digital printing, this printing method allows us to print large quantities of catalogues with just a minor (almost unnoticeable) loss of quality. We can print thousands of catalogues right before your deadline thanks to offset printing!